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FAQ for exhibiting at The Half King

1) How many images from my project are mounted for the exhibit? 

Anna & James curate 11 images from a larger edit of about 60-70 that you send to them.


2) Who prints the 11 images that are mounted for the exhibit?

The photographer is responsible for printing the 11 images. If you need to print your show in NYC, check with Anna (acvanlenten@gmail.com) -- she has recommendations for excellent print houses here.


3) How are the 11 exhibit prints framed?

We use our own frames—simple black metal frames—so that we don’t have to arrange new frame sizes for each show. This means the images get printed to specific sizes in order to fit our standard frames. We can use mattes or not, depending on your images or your preference.


4) For how long does the show stay up?

The show stays up for approximately eight weeks. When the next show gets hung, we remove the prints from the frames and pack them up carefully, with vellum sheets in between the prints and a safe cardboard suitcase to hold them. Contact Anna to organize picking them up. The Half King cannot ship prints back to the photographer unless the photographer can pay for shipping, but Anna & James can store your prints under their bed for a while.


5) Do I need to be at The Half King for the opening night of my show?

Yes. The opening night event is how we mark the exhibit’s start and you are the main attraction! We have asked you to exhibit in part because of your stellar work, but also because there are many people who want to see your work in person, hear you talk about what it was like to make it, and find out directly from you about the stories in your pictures.


6) What happens at the opening night event?

With the audience, we go through a slideshow of about 35-40 images from your project. You should choose that set of images and it should include the 11 that are being exhibited. The room is darkened slightly for the projection and we talk/answer questions about the images as we advance through the slideshow.


7) Do I need to prepare a lecture or talk for the opening night?

No. The moderator—sometimes Anna, sometimes someone the photographer requests—asks you about the pictures in the slideshow. We encourage the audience to participate, to ask questions, but we keep the talk very casual and informal. People are drinking their beer and there to enjoy discussing your work.


8) Do I need to provide a project statement for the show?

Yes. Some bit of text, even if it’s only a paragraph long, is critical for publicizing the show so that the press and Half King audience knows what your project is about. Anna is happy to help edit/write this ahead of time.


9) Who should I ask to moderate the discussion on opening night? Can I invite more than one person to participate?

Anna can moderate the discussion or you can ask an editor who knows your work or someone who knows the subject you’ve shot. Also, yes, invite everyone you can, it’s very inclusive. Our aim is to bring people together to spark good conversation, so anyone who knows the subject of the work is welcome in the room on opening night—writers, people who are subjects of the photos, other photographers or editors who may be familiar with the project, etc. So—invite whomever you think would enhance the discussion!


10) How does my show get publicized?

Anna writes and sends out a press release a few weeks before the opening. She has a press list of her own but is always happy to get other names, so tell her if she should add names from your press list. About ten days before the opening, Anna sends out an invite to the show to her mailing list. In addition, you are encouraged to distribute the invite as far and wide as possible. And, The Half King itself has a mailing list to which it sends the invite. And, finally, Anna promotes the show on:











11) Can I sell prints from the show and have other exhibitors sold their work?

We encourage photographers to sell print editions—talk to Anna about this. Yes, other Half King exhibitors have sold their work. We do a 60-40 split, photographer-us if we are involved with the sale. But if a buyer contacts you independently of us and we don't have to arrange anything, there is no split and you take 100% of the retail price of the print.

The Half King

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All photography exhibits are free and open to the public.