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KangHee Kim
Street Errands
May 21 - September 18, 2019
512 W. 22 St, NYC
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Street Errands, by KangHee Kim, is a series of collaged photographs that combine street scenes of New York with scenes of other places KangHee has traveled to throughout the US. She began art school as a painter, and considers these collages paintings. The images start from mundane encounters while doing ordinary errands around the city. Her goal in layering two or more images is create a new chemistry and find a spark. In merging multiple places and manipulating the images, she constructs her own form of surreal escapism.


Why surreal escapism? KangHee’s mother moved her to the US in 2008 when she was 14. A lawyer’s mishap missed a chance to get a green card, but she qualified for DACA. Being in DACA means that if she leaves the US, she cannot return. To be in DACA is to live in a limbo of waiting for word about her status.


Creating fictional scenes by layering real life photographs allows a bit of liberation from the visa complications. At the same time, KangHee leaves signs in the photos of post production mark-making. These traces of imperfection are important. She includes them as gestures of acceptance about her real-world situation. The dark side of fantasy means losing sight of the present moment, and ultimately, KangHee would like to remain hopeful and appreciate what she has in the present.


KANGHEE KIM is a photographer working in the United States. She is represented by Benrubi Gallery. She has had multiple solo and group exhibitions, most recently, Dreamerscapes, at Wave Hill, Bronx, NY, and at D Museum in Seoul, South Korea.