Anna Van Lenten is a curator, producer, and writer who believes that photography is the common language of our time, and therefore deserves the best possible contexts for the public to engage with its multi-layered messages. Whether those contexts are galleries, festivals, campaigns, print, online, public, or private spaces, photography comes alive when it's in open dialog with an audience.

With LightField, the nonprofit Anna founded in 2016, she launched a photo festival in Hudson, NY. LightField is dedicated to using the power of visual art to illuminate environmental and social issues.

She consults with private clients who are looking to purchase art for a range of spaces: hotels, work spaces, art collections, and homes.

For nine years, Anna curated the monthly Half King Photography Series in New York City, exhibiting and presenting some of the most dynamic and distinguished documentary and fine art artists. With over seventy exhibits, book launches, & pop-up screenings, each event had an opening night featuring a meaningful discussion between the photographer and the public.

Other photo projects Anna has worked on include designing and producing a traveling exhibit of photography and video for Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health (2018) that delivers high-impact visuals and text about people with mental health challenges; curating and producing Surveillance. 01 (April 2014, NYC), and Surveillance.02 (March 2015, Dubai); and curating and managing RISC training's photo auction benefit (2014).