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The First 100 Days / Naomi Harris

July 2017

04-01-2017  Lilly Elkin - Memphis, TN CF098865
03-09-2017 - Richard Toll Ward - AZ96204
04-15-2017 Susan and Wayne Byrd CF100240
03-27-2017 Jerimiah & James, Ferguson, MO CF098495
02-28-2017 Alicia & Allen AlejandroCF095002
02-14-2017 Graciella Longoria - Houston TX92615
02-18-2017 Katelyn Brommel - The Corner Shoppe Austin, TX92915
02-05-2017 Lessley Laidler - Pahokee, FL90650
03-08-2017 Jessi Bergkvist - Pie Town, NM96052
03-26-2017 Overpasses for America - Kansas City, MO CF098373
02-02-2017 Calvin Moffitt - Cross City FL89890

© Naomi Harris

Exhibit opening & talk
Tuesday July 11th, 2017, 7:00 PM
Moderated by VICE photo editor Elizabeth Renstrom

On January 20th, the day of Donald J. Trump's inauguration, Naomi Harris set out on a nationwide road trip to coincide with his first 100 Days. The idea was to figure out, when the polls and the media all said Hillary Clinton was going to win, how did we end up with Trump as president instead. She drove around the country, talking with, and photographing, a variety of people affiliated with both the Democratic and the Republican parties as well as those who didn’t, or couldn’t, vote. Clocking approximately 19,000 miles, her drive included Washington DC to Palm Beach, FL, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, a portion of the Mexican border, northern California, the Bible and Rust Belts, ending with day 100, April 29th, in Niagara Falls, NY.


Canadian NAOMI HARRIS is primarily a portrait photographer who seeks out interesting cultural trends through her subjects. In Haddon Hall, she photographed the last remaining elderly residents at a hotel in South Beach. With America Swings, Harris spent five years (2003 to 2008) depicting the nationwide phenomenon of swinging. The project became a TASCHEN monograph released in both collectors’ and trade editions. Her book EUSA will be published in late 2017 by Kehrer Verlag. It is a reaction to the homogenization of European and American cultures through globalization.


Numerous awards include a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Photography in 2013, a Long-Term Career Advancement Grant from the Canada Council in 2012, the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass in 2004, and the 2001 International Prize for Young Photojournalism from Agfa/Das Bildforum. In April 2017 she was a recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts ‘New Chapter’ Grant, for which she’ll canoe the fur trader’s route in Ontario for ten weeks in the summer of 2018. 

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