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untitled projection / Michael Ackerman

April 2015

© Michael Ackerman

One-night only screening & talk
Wednesday April 22, 2015, 7:00 PM
Moderated by filmmaker Jem Cohen

Spanning 20 years of Ackerman's photography, "untitled projection" moves through different bodies of work from various places: New York, Atlanta, Paris, Havana, Berlin, and Poland. It includes pictures of strangers and people Ackerman is intimate with. It attempts to join and re-edit different stories to form a somewhat cinematic, yet non-linear narrative. It is both autobiographical and not.


Below--a few seconds from the test run of our night with Michael, a ravishing image-maker who is also a great storyteller with a sly sense of humor. Such a rare treat to have him share his work with us in New York.

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