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New Work-Video & Still / Anastasia Taylor-Lind

March 2016

© Anastasia Taylor-Lind

One-night only screening, and talk
Friday March 11, 2016, 7:30 PM
Moderated by Phil Toledano, conceptual artist


Last Friday, we caught up with photographer Anastasia Taylor-Lind, who showed video and stills and audio about her work from Ukraine, made over the last few years. She screened the portrait series from her book MAIDAN, talked about her interactive memorial project Welcome to Donetsk, and also shared a work-in-progress of a video piece that looks at the female experience of war in the country. As well, she talked about her engagement with social media in these projects, which has become an important part of her practice.


Anastasia is completing her one-year Nieman Fellowship at Harvard. Her research is concerned with what war looks like, and to whom, and how we can tell visual war stories in a more personal way.

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