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High school photography course & exhibit
Making Meaning with Photography
February - June 2022
Essex Street Academy at 350 Grand Street, NY, NY.

I taught a 2x/week digital photography elective at a high school in lower Manhattan. Sixteen ninth and tenth graders learned photography basics and history. Then, we printed and framed four images each + wall text, for our final group show in the halls of ESA.

October, 2019--June, 2022

I aslo led ESA's weekly after school photo club. Results were framed and hung up in the halls each semester.


Photo research & usage rights
Quiet Americans Cover.jpg
LIA book cover.jpg


LightField: Multimedia art exhibits in Hudson,NY
© Laura Plageman, Hudson
© Brenda Kenneally, Upstate Girls
Making a Scene: Storytelling and the Real | 2016
© Wendel White, Schools for the Colored
Photo + Synthesis | 2019
Just the Facts | 2017
In 2016, I founded LightField, a nonprofit that mounts exhibits of multimedia art whose aim is to illuminate social and environmental issues. We have mounted three multi-artist shows, with programming, at Hudson Hall in Hudson, NY. In each exhibit, we include work from our Young Photographers Workshop, a free workshop for teens from underserved areas around Hudson, that teaches visual literacy as a way to sharpen individual agency in young people.
Our 2019 show, Photo + Synthesis, centered on modern and 19th century landscapes of the Hudson River Valley, tree ring science, and data visualization.

Our 2017 show, Just the Facts, touched on themes of segregation, immigration, home, desire, and individual agency.
Our 2016 show, Making a Scene: Storytelling and the Real, addressed the increasing slippage in narrative art between documentary and fiction. for more info


A large-scale exhibit of escapist photo collages in a corporate lobby
KangHee Kim: Street Errands
May 21 - Sept 18, 2019
Vornado Realty Trust lobby at 522 W. 22 Street, NYC

I curated and produced a large-scale exhibit by KangHee King called Street Errands for Vornado Realty Trust's lobby. Street Errands is a series of collaged photographs approximately 60" x 72", that combine street scenes of New York with scenes of other places KangHee has traveled to throughout the US.


As a DACA participant, KangHee's goal in combining images is to construct her own form of surreal escapism. To be in DACA is to live in a limbo of waiting for word about her status. Layering real life photographs allows a bit of liberation from the visa restrictions, but also allows her to remain hopeful and appreciate what she has in the present.


KANGHEE KIM is a photographer working in the United States. She is represented by Benrubi Gallery. She has had multiple solo and group exhibitions, most recently, Dreamerscapes, at Wave Hill, Bronx, NY, and at D Museum in Seoul, South Korea.


Two (NY & Dubai) visual investigations into post-Snowden corporate & state surveillence
Surveillance .01 & .02
April 2014 & March 2015

With Liza Faktor as partner, I curated two separate shows by multimedia artists who were using camera, satellite, and drone to question corporate and state surveillance, and energy production in the post-Snowden reality. In particular, these artists and thinkers focused on the human side of the global war on terror, humanity’s permanent wounding of the environment, and state systems of power and control. The tensions and anxieties they pursued include convenience vs. privacy, individual vs. type, and freedom vs. security.

2014 Surveillance.01 at Made in New York Media Center artists:

Hasan Elahi - Tracking Transience

Wesley Grubbs / Pitch Interactive - Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A data visualization of US drone strikes
Brent Hoff - Emotional Arcade
Ewen MacAskill & Gabriel Dance/The Guardian US - NSA Files: Decoded
Jenny Odell - Satellite Landscapes and Satellite Collection
Sympler - A live surveillance installation
Tomas Van Houtryve - Blue Sky Days

2015 Surveillance.02 at East Wing Gallery in Dubai artists:
Massimo Berruti – Hidden Wounds
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin - Shtik Fleisch Mit Tzvei Eigen
Edmund Clark - 'Dulce et Decorum Est: Virtue Unmann'd' (PREMIERE)

Yann Mingard - Deposit

Jenny Odell - Land Marks

Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon - World Brain
Tomas van Houtryve – Blue Sky Days


Half King Photo: Bi-monthly photo exhibits, screenings, book launches
From 2010-2019, I curated and produced The Half King Photo Series at The Half King, a fabled bar in Chelsea. I exhibited a new print show every 6 to 8 weeks, and convened screenings and book launches in between. I built a following that made our opening nights into lively, fresh conversations between audience and artist. These talks gave fresh insights to the stories that photographers were telling.
Jan Banning
Jan Banning